Hold me tight so I might feel at peace Tell me wrong or lie just right I can try to let it go Hold me tight so I'm defined By hate because you tried To love me long after I left Let me go I'm not quite well Renounce your grip And let me fall… Continue reading Hold



She belongs to heaven Compliant in her fall from grace He pulls her down with every thrust She belongs to heaven Before she ripped her wings For devil's touch She belongs to heaven But harlot nights will stain the virgin And force her tongue to genocide



RosariesMay god be my witnessTo these memoriesThat I can't bear to confessWhen heaven's gates will fallPlease say you'll hear my callI can't explain the broken loversStar crossed waiting to discoverLost light and rosaryPraying for what could still beWhen love is all that we can seeBefore love becomes the end of me.

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Living in balance

Life is a balancing act. That is a statement I find myself saying daily, because not only is it a fact, it is my excuse for feeling like a lazy shit who does nothing productive for days on end. The days I have to let my depression win. I say 'balancing act' because it reminds… Continue reading Living in balance